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If you found this page, you’ve probably read Hemp & CBD – A Beginner’s guide.

I hope you enjoyed it.

This site is currently in Swedish, but if you are as anxious as I was to try CBD, I can recommend you the brand I use – and promote – myself.

I use a 100% THC-free oil Hemp Oil 3500. One of the highest concentration available!

It is Colorado-made, which is good since the state of Colorado has a strict policy of no herbicides, pesticides etc. So, a hemp oil made in Colorado is a quality mark in itself. Moreover, the oil is Broad-spectrum (it comes in Full-spectrum as well, only we are not allowed it here in Sweden). It contains many cannabinoids, as well as the terpene beta-caryophyllene (well worth reading up on).

It has a CoA (Certificate of Analysis) and has been tested by third-party labs, to ensure both quality and purity; it is produced using cold proprietary extraction method and the bottle is filled to the brim, so to speak, with cannabinoids. 3500 mg actually. It is diluted in an MCT-oil for greatest bioavailability. It is free from harmful solvents and unwanted additives. Ecologically made and Non-GMO – naturally! This oil is a great combination designed for maximum effectiveness.

3500 mg in a 30 ml bottle of Miron glass (another topic worth reading up on). Miron glass is an exceptional choice for preserving and enhancing the quality of your oil. It blocks the entire spectrum of visible light, except for violet and ultraviolet (UV) ones; by letting these lights through, the bio-energy of the contents is enhanced, improving their overall efficacy and quality. And to top it all, you choose a more sustainable and eco-conscious choice.

Does it get better than this? I don’t think so. But the company keep surprising us, so who knows.

If I have made you curious about trying CBD – you have the possibility of getting a BOGO deal.

Buy one bottle and get a second bottle for free. For free!!

That means that you get:

2 bottles of 30 ml Hemp-oil and a total of 7000 mg cannabinoids for 139 dollars

or 12 000 mg cannabinoids in 2 bottles of 50 ml for the price of 199 dollars.

Kokuavida gives you a BOGO deal, which means BUY ONE, GET ONE.

That means

Get your BOGO (Buy one, Get one) along with an additional 5 % off your first purchase.

At checkout – just use the code:


And, please share your thoughts on the book, the oil or just generally – on CBD. Or questions, for that matter.

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